Creature in Australia 2014 - Totally Ozsome

Belco, Kambah, Bar Beach, Pizzey, Hunt Park and the legendary Beechmont all destroyed.

Featuring Creature team riders: Darren Navarrette, Willis Kimbel, Al Partenen, Chris Russell and friends: Josh Borden and Bugs Fardell. Filmed by DAF Noah


Portside DIY

Cameron Markin and friends have a sick story up over here of their 'Portside' DIY project in an old Post Office building on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Big ups!

NB: This may look like two frontside airs, however... Dylan Jeffrey (directly below) completes a pop tart while Nathan 'PeeRat' Taylor is hucking in off a frontside wallride (bottom shot).


Support Rome

Go here: http://fnd.us/c/ffD60



Twenty of Vagabond's from Lucky '13






Uncle Morgsy

Full Morgan Campbell interview by Vagabond here: http://canberraskateboarding.org/?p=3328

Morgan Campbell - Slappy 5050 on the 'Rust Ness Monster'

Morgan Campbell - Slappy 5050 on the 'Rust Ness Monster'



Roll Forever Todd Webster

On this day two years ago we sadly lost a friend. Todd Webster was an influential Australian skateboarder, significantly in Canberra where I knew him most, and where a large chunk of his earlier years were spent. I really only found out truly about how much Todd shredded on a skateboard when I had the honour of collating all the photos of him to show at his wake. What a legend.

Those of us who had the privilege to hang with Todd would know his cheeky sense of humour. He was a hilarious bastard, always making me laugh. His flourish of tattoos is a great example of that. Who would get a beautiful naked lady with groucho marks spectacles and a fat nose and moustache on their forearm? I didn't necessarily think of Todd as the most overtly good looking dude, but he somehow managed to charm the most beautiful ladies. I remember he came back from a trip one time with a photo of actress Rose Byrne and him. His response when I asked how he managed to achieve that was, "Just talked to her, easy mate!" And he added some other quip that made me laugh which I can't remember.

I never really thought of Todd being an 'artist' per se, but when I look back I remember so many rad projects that Todd got up to and I realise he was massively creative in everything he took his hand to. This was something I learnt more about when we gathered info to put in an application for a plaque to be installed for him at the perimeter of Belco bowl. What he achieved was admirable.

My love of photos were partly inspired from Todd. He had a new digi-camera which he brought down to the pub one day, and to my horror 'accidentally' dropped it in a beer! Then to my astonishment, he promptly began taking photos with it. It was one of the first waterproof ones. A little later we used to see who could get the best light-stream photos using slow flash sync speeds with the developing technology that you could fit in your pocket. Awesome times.

I've been thinking a lot more these days about our Aussie male tendency to 'neck up,' and to not talk about having troubles. Todd used to also love saying it - "Neck up ya parrot!"

I can’t help but think about what difficulties he might have been having that he couldn’t talk about. That’s something we’ll never know.

There’s a little project that Todd had shared that our friend Claire Sutton aka ‘Custards McSeedly’ has taken up. It’s about ‘Australian Scrawl.’ Todd wanted to collect photos of the hilarious dribble that’s carved into the backs of toilet doors and sketchy spots and put them together into a book. One of the most classic photos that's seen of Todd is something of that nature.

Check it out and if you’re interested, send in some photos:




Happy Birthday!

It's pretty amazing to share the same birthday as all of these epic humans! Tim 'Dorfus' McDougall, Cam Stanley and Floyd Scott - I wish you all a bloody radical year and a massive congrats to you Floydos on the big 21st!! You all rule. Love ya guts - Cheerz and beers, Vagabond.




Belco Bowl for Belcopalooza


Mates Rates #1


I'll give ya Mates Rates for a dodgey Marulan, to car breakdown tow home, Belco shred below zero.

FEAT: Howard Palmer, Cam Stanley, Pee Rat, Kirill, Big Rig, Pup, Erik Cole,
Luke, Edwin Flynn, Andy Wright, Tully Moorecroft.

Filmed and edited by Vagabond. A Half Arsed Production



Brodie Sellars by Nello

A little concrete can do wonders. Brodie's hurricane on this thing is farken gnar. Nello takes a great shot.



Harry and Morgs

Pinched from the 4 skateboards website...

Morgan Campbell was in Canberra recently, interviewing and filming the hype around the "Belcopalooza" that is being held in October 2013 at Canberra's epic Belco skatepark. Here's a pic is of Morgs with Dad Cam crew.

The infamous Tortoise Pool in WA is now gone after an amazing number of years. This frontside blunt pic from Skateboard Mag of Harry Clark is killa.




This photo was shot on 22 of July 2011 when the Belco upgrade had just opened. This never got used, but it's a pic of Woody smashing a smithgrind on the new parking block which is a sick feature at Belco.

I like it because his whole back truck is over it. He did these all night long, grinding the whole f*kn thing - lock it in Eddie.


Laurent and the bowl

You remember the crazy French duo that destroyed Australia a little while back? Well after that, Laurent went on to be a part of a bowl building project in Lyon, France. The Chatillon D'azergue bowl was finished a little while back. Here's the linky:







Ruff Ryders


This is the story of a day trip with a bunch of old bastards, a wild Ruff Ryder on a motorbike and one super keen skater called Bevo.




Wade McLaughlin


When Half Arsed releases a hardcopy issue again somewhere in the far off distant future, Mr McLaughlin's photos will definitely be a feature. For those who don't know Wade, here's a sample of his work including some DIY shiznit.

Name, Age: Wade Mclaughlin, 22.
Likes: Mates, good vibes, good music, space, getting weird, beer.
Dislikes: Small dogs, injuries, rules, the clap, rum.
Drinking advice: Halves in a box?
Favourite place to skate: Caloundra is always good.
Music: Rock, Punk, Blues, Metal, all the old shit.
Sprouter hunting advice: Gym, pink v neck and drink fight f*ck the night away bro.




Hardware Macro

These were all taken on a stick on macro lens with an iPhone 4S. Setup is Polar 8.5" deck, 149 indy's, modus bearings, 56mm Chris Miller Bones wheels, modus deck bolts. Thrasher, Independent, Vans, Geelong Skateshop and The Cream stickers. - Vagabond

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